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Unusual pets

Unusual animals - bird - dog

Unusual animals photoshop


8 Responses to “Unusual animals (photoshop)”

  1. lucy givens says:

    r these animals real.

  2. Kie says:

    Very cute…if some scientists had there way i wonder if we really wouldnt have these types of animals. LOL

  3. sexys says:

    hahahah very funny man , i love the small crocodile and the dog hourse 😛

  4. BeBop says:

    This has made me laugh so many times!!! I’ve showed it to all my friends! Thank for the laughs!

  5. myra_P says:

    those pics are really funny. hopefully you guys do more of these pics. there so cute they made me and my friend laugh 🙂

  6. krystalhyatt says:

    wow this stuff is really funny. i like the dogduck thingy it was like oober cute 🙂 this so made my day

  7. huh? says:

    huh? are those real???

  8. amanda says:

    so funny post more pictures please

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