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Dachshunds are unique little dogs, thus the reason so many want to own and eventually breed them. Unfortunately, many unwittingly breed without ever really taking the time to research the overwhelming costs and time associated with this undertaking.


Dachshund photos

Dachshund puppies

Dachshund puppie

Dachshund puppies sleep

Dachshund puppies photo

Dachshund puppies games

30 Responses to “Puppies. Dachshund”

  1. Denise Nesbitt says:

    Loved this blog…any German Shepherds?

  2. Jen says:

    Awww! I love the pic with the little alligator
    The puppies look so sweet = )

  3. Kitty says:

    — Loved this blog…any German Shepherds?

    Coming soon

  4. Ross says:


  5. Lynette says:

    Dachshund’s are my very favorite breed! I have a new rescue who is six months old. She is a product of the over breeding world Kitty talks about. I thank God every day I stumbled upon her on PetFinders, as Cena is such a wonderful loving little soul who brings me great joy!

    These puppies are just gorgeous.

  6. Will says:

    Gotta love that first pic.


  7. daniel says:

    my grammma likes em too!!!! i think ther 1 of the cutest species in the world ilove dogs i wish i had one and if anyone wants to sell them please do to me my e-mail iis the_yak@hotmail.com or pokerstud 415@yahoo.com please mesage me thamkyou and the person or people that made this site thanks for evry thing and if it wasnt for stumble upon then i wouldnt even be here so thank you very much 🙂

  8. kristin says:

    Dachshund’s are my favorite dog in the world!!!They are soooo adorable I have a blonde short hair dachshund his name is george.I love him to death.Those puppies are just gorgeous!

  9. Angela says:

    Hi: I just I would comment on the little cuties. I had a Dachshund when I was young and his name was pete! I wound up into labradors as they are amazing with my kids. How I ever went from a tiny Dachshund to big Labrador Retriever still remains a mystery. I must love Dogs, as I now have a big house full of kids!…lol

  10. laura says:

    I love dachshunds! We have the one and they are so cute

  11. ted says:

    my family has a red doxie and is one of our children!by the way Angela…..we also have a yellow lab and they get along great!I think you should get a little buddy for your labs.

  12. lauren says:

    cute breed however, how the heck do you get them potty trained. are they just stupid? or is it just my miniture weenie?

  13. Russ says:

    I’ve always had doxies, gotta luv em.

  14. jd says:

    i stumbled across that 1st picture and thought “wait a minute, i didn’t put that photo online”. i’ve taken a picture so similar with my pup, he’s the same colouring and was at a similar age. everything about the picture is so similar! i couldn’t get over it. gorgeous creatures they are!

  15. Kim says:

    I have 5 Doxies and a chocolate lab, I love them to death, 4 pups and the momma are how I have 5 lol. Doxies are a bit of a challenge to potty train, but given the chance they LOVE to pee and poo outside, but will backslide easily if you aren’t dilligent (sp?)

    lovely pics

  16. thedoggiepark says:

    Such sweet little puppies. I love these types of dogs when they are little. My Dad and his wife had one and he was such a good dog. Unfortunately he get a hold of something in the back yard when he was out playing and he passed away.

  17. Nadine Smithersonsin says:

    This post has good and valuable information, Is nice to see some good articles like this one, thank you.

  18. Quanasia Roundtree says:

    I love dachshunds sooooo very much thay are the best breed in the whole wide world. I have a doxie and his name is Lucky. He is just the cutest lil thing ever. He is also veryyyyyyy spoiled. He’s just my very own lil puppy. He is the puppy i never had. I had him a whole year now. we bought him from a man. He is now 12 months old. If he ever was to go i dont know wat i would do. I love you lucky.

  19. shaun says:

    dachshunds are great i have 5

  20. anjo says:

    we have dog 3 months old a dachshund i will ask you why its ear is not yet long??

  21. John pear says:

    2nd picture is soooooo cute ps is a doxie a dachshund

  22. dachshunds says:

    yea, a doxie is a dachshund it’s short for dachshund………………………. And these pic’s r cute.

  23. dachshunds says:

    doxie’s r my favorite breed too! there so cute and adorable.

  24. dachshund says:

    Hi, i think these pic’s r cute. And john pear sir doxie means dachshund thank you.

  25. lauren brock says:

    they r so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!! especially the 1 with its hands up.
    my mom said that it was saying “please give me a treat !!!!!”

  26. sachu says:

    i love puppies especially dash

  27. amanda says:

    dachshunds rule my universe. mckenzie, mcgyvre, and mcgruff: you guys are my soul and my highest inspiration!!

  28. Taylor says:

    Lol First pic: “Hi there!!!” second pic: “GIVE ME DAT CAMERA!!” third pic: *snuggle puppy!!* Fourth pic: *snooze* fith pic: “Your tummy is waaaarrrrmmm!!”

  29. Taylor says:

    SORRY I PRESSED SUBMIT BEFORE I WAS READY! sixth pic:”Who are you and why are ya holld’in meh…” seventh pic: “Okay everybody!!! Get the camera!!!” pic number eight: “WHAT IS THAT THING!!!???” nineth pic: “HEY!!! Scoot over will ya!!!” Lol i have a mini dachshund at home but shes old and kinda fat XD we try to walk her every day but she gets tired too fast and we have to carry her the rest of the way home.

  30. Edi says:

    Just happened to stumble across your site and for a moment thought what are the pics of our pups doing on this site.

    They look exactly the same.
    Our Dehlila had 6 beautiful pups which are now 13 weeks old and have kept one…Stretch as she was the longest of the lot.

    I agree that its not easy having pups and should not be gone into blindly as it’s time consuming and expensive but the joy they bring is worth every second and cent spent.

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