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Bulldog fold infection medicationThis infection can be found as tail-fold pyoderma in bulldogs (screw tails). The usual signs are irritation and inflammation of the skin, causing discomfort to the dog and “scooting.” The moist skin becomes infected and gives off a foul odor. Relief is obtained by bathing the skin with a surgical soap, being sure to thoroughly clean the skin under the tail. This may entail using your finger with a washcloth saturated in the surgical soap and inserting behind the screws of the tail to the skin underneath. It may be painful to the dog, so care must be taken. Once cleaned, rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue and dry as much as possible. An antibiotic steroid cream (such as Panalog Cream) may then be applied to the affected area. Another method of treatment is to use a powder (McKillips, Gold Bond, etc.) and, holding the tail out of the way as much as possible, “poor’ the powder in so it reaches the skin under the tail. These treatments should be repeated on a continuing basis, as needed.

Bulldogs are prone to wrinkle infections on their faces, particularly under the nose wrinkle. As a grooming device, clean the wrinkles regularly (daily is recommended) and apply a light layer of ointment to the area to prevent infection from setting in. A commonly used ointment would be baby diaper rash ointments such as Balmex, A veeno, etc. (Find one which does not irritate your dog.) .

The wrinkle and fold under the dog’s eyes may also be a source of infection and/or discoloration (rust). This is normally caused by tearing of the eyes or even eyelashes which grow inward (entropion). Left untreated, this can lead to eye ulcerations and dry eye. Keeping that area as dry as possible is essential to avoid this problem. Carefully using rash ointment in the fold after cleaning or a layer of Va so line should help alleviate this problem. If not, you should consult a veterinary ophthalmologist. Plucking the lasher or surgery may be necessary and either should be done by an experienced veterinarian.


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