Cats: British Shorthairs have very dense, plush coats that are often described as crisp or cracking which refers to the way the coat breaks over the cat’s body contours. Eyes are large, round and copper in colour

British shorthair

British shorthaircats

British shorthair play

British shorthair last

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  1. Alex says:

    Hello interesting comments about British Shorthairs. As a shorthair breeder and judge I can say that British Shorthairs do make good pets. They are affectionate by nature anyway. We’ve pretty much lost count of how many cats we have now. I’m glad to say temperament is judged as well as the physical look of the cat, a cat that is obviously easily upset can be diffficult to judge. I often wish more emphasis would be put on their wonderful character in the judging ring. Great photos by they way!

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